Gaz de România


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aims to present the social, economic and strategic advantages
provided by the natural gas to all Romanians.


GasNaturally - Long-Term Vision of the European Gas Industry

The gas industry is working to help the EU reach its commitment under the Paris Agreement and its 2030 climate and energy objectives.

The Outlook for natural gas in Romania and proposals for its value-added capitalization

This report analyzes the current natural gas sector from the point of view of reserves, infrastructure and market setup.

Workshop UPG - FPPG march 15, 2018

A state’s economic performance is supported by the energy industry while the development of the business environment is essential.

The Presidency of Romania to the EU Council and the priorities of the energy field

The presidency of the Council of the European Union is at the same time a premiere, an honor and a challenge for Romania. 

Current Energy Premises - The Report of the World Energy Council 2017

According to the World Energy Council, the notion of sustainable energy translates into three main elements: energy security, energy equity and sustainable environment. 


In FPPG’s cultural and scientific dimension, we encounter a continuous presence, of over a decade, of Partener magazine. Being released biannually, the magazine reunites within its pages an informational mosaic specific to the energy field. With every issue, Partener magazine consolidated its position as an employer’s instrument and tribune, being a constant means of information and promotion for its members. 


The Oil and Gas Employers’ Federation’s activity aims at developing and implementing the best practices in the energy field, meant to consolidate the free competition and performance of the business environment in Romania. 

Short history

The Oil and Gas Employers’ Federation was established in 1991 by the Constituent General Assembly, under Law no. 21/1924, thus becoming subject of law with federal structure, representative at the level of the energy, oil, gas and energy mining” activity sector. 


By substantiating its values, the Federation supports the endeavour of the economic forces’ unity in the energy sector for the harmonious development of the entire society, by continuously promoting the principles of stability, predictability and competitiveness of the legislative framework. 


Representative at the level of “Energy, oil, gas and energy mining” sector

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