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Gaz de România


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aims to present the social, economic and strategic advantages
provided by the natural gas to all Romanians.


PRESS RELEASE - August 4, 2020

In the context of the latest information in the public space,…
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PRESS RELEASE - Oilman's Day - september 8, 2019

The Romanian oil and gas industry September 8th, the Oilman’s…
comunicat de presa brm - fppg

Press release - september 5th, 2019

FPPG rejects the alarmist and unfounded statements about the…
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PRESS RELEASE - FPPG salutes 110 years of energy and welcomes Romgaz

On the occasion of celebrating 110 years history of natural gas…
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The natural gas opportunity in Romania's residential sector

We embarked on this research with several ques­tions in mind.…
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FPPG launches a new independent study conducted by Deloitte Consulting…

FPPG is founding member of CP Concordia.

LOGO confederatia concordia - fppg
LOGO confederatia concordia - fppg

Concordia is the employers’ confederation that is representative of the business community, bringing together the most powerful sectoral federations in the Romanian economy and comprising 7 of the top 10 companies by number of employees and turnover. Concordia assumes the mission of equidistant representation of the interests of its members, which are companies with Romanian and foreign capital, having the most diverse and relevant perspective on economic and social realities.

Being the only Romanian employers’ federation affiliated to IOE (International Organization of Employers) and BUSINESSEUROPE, Concordia constantly cooperates with its European partners and actively promotes respect for economic freedom and social responsibility, good governance and predictability of the investment framework.


The Oil and Gas Employers’ Federation’s activity aims at developing and implementing the best practices in the energy field, meant to consolidate the free competition and performance of the business environment in Romania. 

Short history

The Oil and Gas Employers’ Federation was established in 1991 by the Constituent General Assembly, under Law no. 21/1924, thus becoming subject of law with federal structure, representative at the level of the energy, oil, gas and energy mining” activity sector. 


By substantiating its values, the Federation supports the endeavour of the economic forces’ unity in the energy sector for the harmonious development of the entire society, by continuously promoting the principles of stability, predictability and competitiveness of the legislative framework. 


Representative at the level of “Energy, oil, gas and energy mining” sector

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