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The Natural Gas Market in Romania: How do we guarantee the security and competitiveness of the sector?

The Romanian gas sector is not functional, its  development towards a fair and balanced liberalized market is impeded by major hurdles.

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The natural gas opportunity in Romania’s residential sector

We embarked on this research with several ques­tions in mind. What natural gas has to offer to Roma­nian consumers, particularly in light of the much dis­cussed discoveries in the Black Sea?

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Principles for determining the reference price for natural gas

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The new methodology for determining the reference price for natural gas royalty calculation is based on an external hub where the Romanian gas does not have access. According to the current methodology for determining the reference price related to royalty calculation applicable for the production of natural gas in Romania, this price is based on the prices and quantities traded at the CEGH external hub from Baumgarten (Austria).

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Risks, Taxation, Investment Decisions in the Offshore Oil and Gas Sector. Black Sea and Romania

For some time now, there has been a great deal of debate both in politics as well as the press and the Romanian society about the natural gas potential from the deepwater offshore perimeters pertain­ing to the Romanian exclusive economic zone in the Black Sea.

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The Outlook for natural gas in Romania and proposals for its value-added capitalization

This report analyzes the current natural gas sector from the point of view of reserves, infrastructure and market setup. The report also addresses the prospects for the evolution of different segments of natural gas consumption by 2030 and provides appropriate policy and regulation recommendations which would lead to the value-added capitalization, on the Romanian Market, of the expected Black Sea natural gas production but also of onshore deposits.

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