iulie, 2018

19iulalldayANRE approved the increase of the natural gas price by more than 5.8% as of August 1st


The National Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE) announced on Thursday that the conditions for an adjustment, on average, of 5.83% of the natural gas price for households, starting on August 1, are fulfilled.

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MFP on Gas Price Capping: Nothing is being adopted at today’s Government meeting. It is a communist measure only up to one point

Minister of Public Finances Eugen Teodorovici said that the GHG price cap project with which producers sell gas suppliers to 55 lei / MWh by 2021, announced yesterday by the ministry, will be discussed in today’s Government’s first reading sitting, but it will not be adopted.

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ROPEPCA: Capping the price of gas from domestic production favors imports

The capping of domestic gas sales price to RON 55 / MWh, below the pre-liberalization level of 60 lei / MWh, is a counter-competitive measure designed to place indigenous producers in a discriminatory position in relation to the import of gas natural, says the Romanian Association of Petroleum Exploration and Production Companies (ROPEPCA).

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