mai, 2018



Committee for industries and services 

Scheduled for: 10:00 

  • L190 / 2018 Draft law approving Government Emergency Ordinance no.26 / 2018 on the adoption of measures for the security of power supply 

– Report request – common with Committee for Transport and Energy 

– Stipulates the obligation of Energetic Complex Hunedoara to provide technological services of transport system in order to maintain the safety level of the National Power System 

 – Notice Request 


  • L209 / 2018 Legislative proposal amending and supplementing GEO no. 195/2005 on environmental protection, approved with amendments by Law no. 265/2006, as subsequently amended and supplemented 

– Elaboration the management plan for the olfactory discomfort 

 – Notice request 


Committee for Legal Matters Appointments, Discipline, Immunities, and Validations 

Scheduled for: 10:30 

  • L201 / 2018 Legislative proposal for the amendment of Law no.50 / 1991 on the authorization of construction works and Law no.350 / 2001 on the spatial planning and urban planning 

– Proposes the implementation of a unified practice regarding the issuance of the Urbanism Certificate 

 – Notice request 


Committee for Budget and Finance 

Scheduled for: 11:00 

  • L211 / 2018 Legislative proposal for completing the Law no.227 / 2015 on the Fiscal Code 

 – Reduce the tax rate to 5% for taxpayers who collect foreign currency earnings from export activity (this proposal does not apply to the energy production and distribution sector) 

 – Report request 

– Invitee: Ministry of Public Finances 


Committee for Environment  

Scheduled for: 13:00 

  • L156 / 2018 Draft Law approving the Government Emergency Ordinance no.13 / 2018 for the amendment of some normative acts in the field of environmental protection 

– Establishment of territorial structures – National Agency for Protected Areas 

 – Additional Report request 


All Day (Vineri)



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