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14ianalldayRomania seen in optimistic light


Romania seen in optimistic light

“Romania has been more mature politically and socially and that is good. Our country will remain a supporter of the European project as long as it will generate good governance, prosperity. The actual crisis of the Union may also have echoes in Romania. In this matter we can choose to be part of the Unions` solutions not problems generator. EU cannot be a scapegoat for our frustrations, failures selfishness and irresponsibility of some political leaders.”


CE Oltenia strike continues

The Energy Complex management retorts it is open to dialogue and urged miners to come back to work, but miners have refused to talk to their chiefs, asking Energy Minister Anton Anton to come in Gorj and negotiate with them. The Energy Minister has summoned the Oltenia Energy Complex heads to an emergency meeting to find a solution to unblock the situation. Meeting result: the proposal is a rise of 12-13% of the gross salaries and granting miners holiday vouchers as of May 1.

Source: PROFIT

Mistakes published in GEO text available on Official Monitor

ANRE is to deliver electrical energy to the pupulation due to an inopportune comma


2% or 4% tax unclearness

According to the energy expert Dumitru Chisalita, energy companies actually may pay 4% of turnover as it is to apply retroactively. The expert’s explanations emphasize the urgent need for clarification and regulation – a task that reverts to ANRE. The interpretation (hope) that the new 2% licensing tariff applies only from 2019 can not stand in the way that OUG 114/2018 is written, which clearly establishes which articles apply within 30 days from the date of entry into force of the GEO.




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