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06iulalldayDragnea threatens to impeach President Iohannis


Dragnea threatens to impeach President Iohannis

House Speaker Liviu Dragnea stated on Thursday that he talked with Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu and, in his view, the impeachment of President Klaus Iohannis must be a serious option. Dragnea said that a decision will be taken on Monday.

Liviu Dragnea accused President Klaus Iohannis of “mocking the Constitution.”

Source: Nine o’clock


“Liviu Dragnea represents a threat to democracy”

National Liberal Leader believes that Liviu Dragnea, the Chamber of Deputies President, become a danger to democracy and also for Romania’s interests as a EU state and NATO member. Ludovic Orban thinks that Liviu Dragnea, after his conviction, is nor able to think clear and the suspension of the Romania President is out of discussion.

Source: Hotnews


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