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23octalldayEnergy Minister Anton Anton: We are preparing a rare innovation in Europe, storing electricity in gas


Energy Minister Anton Anton: We are preparing a rare innovation in Europe, storing electricity in gas

„Gas exploitation needs to be prepared in a different way and we are in talks to introduce an innovation, I said quite rarely in Europe, namely the storage of electricity in gas, and that is what we are going to do in Craiova because there is a warehouse in Gherceşti , a plant that we can convert to gas, and in the combination of the central and the warehouse, we can bring gas into the store when we have a lot of energy and we can not use it, that is, produced by the wind or the solar, and then we can take it out ” Energy Minister Anton Anton said on Monday at the Government Time Debate on Offshore Law and Black Sea Gas Resources.

Source: Ziarul Financiar

Energy Minister, about the Offshore Law: I think it will pass through Parliament

Offshore law is extremely important for everyone and especially for Romanian citizens, Energy Minister Anton Anton told the Chamber of Deputies after the „Government Time”, mentioning that, in his opinion, it „will pass through Parliament „.

Source: Agerpres, Energynomics, Ziarul Financiar, Economica

Anton: Gas is best sold on the nearest market, there is higher profit

Those who say that the Black Sea gas will reach the Romanians to a lesser extent are contradicted by the economic logic that gas is best sold on the nearest market, because there is the highest profit, the minister said on Monday Anton Anton, in the plenum of the Chamber of Deputies, at the „Government Time”, the topic of debates being the Offshore Law.

Source: Agerpres, Economica

GRAPHIC Romania: European champion of lower gas consumption

Romania recorded in the second quarter of this year the highest percentage decrease in natural gas consumption in the European Union (EU), the domestic gas consumption being 25% lower than in the same period last year.

Source: Profit, Economica

ButanGas posted 14% revenue last year, to 40 million euros

ButanGas, part of Veroniki Holding, announced it had made a 14% increase in its business last year, up to 40 million euros. ButanGas Romania, based in Bucharest, has four subsidiaries and two factories. ButanGas Romania, which has been on the Romanian market since 1996, opened eight years ago at Contesti, Dambovita County, a factory with a storage capacity of 4,050 cubic meters. ButanGas Romania currently has about 200 employees.

Source: Energynomics, Focus Energetic, Economica


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