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29octalldayEnergy Minister Wants Black Sea Petroleum to Engage in the Construction of Chemical Combinations in Romania


Energy Minister Wants Black Sea Petroleum to Engage in the Construction of Chemical Combinations in Romania

Energy Minister Anton Anton says Black Sea oil companies might be interested in attracting investors to build new chemical combinations in Romania.”Agriculture is one of the very important, crucial areas, and Romania has to supply fertilizers that come from gas. We have 4 or 6 combinations that could work with gas and with minimum investment.2.5 billion cubic meters of gas would go there, we could use the Black Sea gas, let us even talk to gas-extracting investors, try together to attract investors in greenfield fertilizers, do not necessarily have to we take the ones we already have, „the Energy Minister said at the Profit Energy Forum.

Source: Economica, Agerpres

Energy Minister: Black Sea gas could turn us into the first producer in the EU, but we still could not compete Russia

The exploitation of the Black Sea natural gas fields could make Romania the biggest producer in the European Union, in the conditions of the United Kingdom leaving the country, but in no case can our country compete against Russia on this market, he said. Profit Energy.forum, Energy Minister Anton Anton.

Source: Profit, Profit, Mediafax

Effects of offshore law adoption: Another operator, Black Sea Oil & Gas, says for Profit.ro that it postpones the adoption of the investment decision, following the OMV model, accusing the uncompetitiveness of the tax framework

According to OMV Petrom, CEO Rainer Seele announced the postponement of the investment decision in Neptun Deep for next year, another Black Sea Oil & Gas (BSOG) operator said he would not be able to make a decision regarding with regard to the Midia Gas Development project (Ana and Doina’s findings) this year as a result of the adoption of offshore law that requires an uncompetitive fiscal regime. „Although BSOG has estimated it will be able to make the final investment decision in 2018, it is now clear that we will not be able to do so this year”

Source: Profit

Gas grew on the spot market by 20% in one day

OPCOM’s gas price on the Next Day Market (PZUGN) increased in one day on Thursday by 20% to 135 lei / MWh, after it had reached its peak since a month’s launch this month, 112 , 5 lei / MWh. The main reason could be that by the end of this month, suppliers and producers are obliged to fulfill their gas storage obligations for winter, increased by the National Authority for Energy Regulation (ANRE) by 15% compared to the established level for last winter.

Source: Profit


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