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27novalldayEurostat: Romania – highest increase of electricity prices, lowest household gas prices in the EU


Eurostat: Romania – highest increase of electricity prices, lowest household gas prices in the EU

In the first half of 2018, average household electricity prices in the European Union (EU) were stable compared with the first half of 2017, standing at €20 per 100 kWh. Average gas prices in the EU were also stable and stood at €6 per 100 kWh in the first half of 2018, Eurostat informs on Tuesday.Taxes and levies accounted for more than a third (37%) of the electricity bills charged to households in the EU in the first half of 2018. For gas bills the corresponding share was 27 %.

Source: Romania Journal, Agerpres

Orban: We decided to start the campaign „PNL brings Romanian gas to the Romanians’ homes”

„PNL brings Romanian gas to Romanian homes” – it is the title of Liberals campaign, approved on Monday in the Executive Bureau, which aims to extend the connection of localities to the gas network.”The PNL Executive Office decided to start the campaign” PNL brings the Romanian gas to the Romanians’ homes. „We have practically established the campaign, we have established the localities in which we will campaign to support the establishment of the natural gas distribution and the connection to the gas buses It is also natural that the citizens of every locality who is not connected to the gas network are properly informed that we support the project We have mandated local council groups from all these localities to initiate draft decisions to start feasibility studies so that, at the moment when money starts to enter the Romanian budget as a result of starting the exploitation of natural gas from the Black Sea, a national plan can be started to connect localities and Romanian citizens to natural gas, „said PNL president Ludovic Orban, at the Parliament Palace after the BEx meeting. He stressed that although Romania is among the countries with the largest natural gas resources in the European Union, it has the lowest percentage of the population connected to the gas network, only 36% of the citizens.

Source: Agerpres

ANRE cuts 33% profitability of E.On and Engie gas distributors – draft order

ANRE will align the regulated profit rate level for distribution and gas and for electricity distribution. For the two gas distributors, this indicator decreases by 32.8% over the next five years. „The regulated rate of return on invested capital granted for tangible and intangible assets for the natural gas distribution activity is the one approved for electricity distribution activity for the fourth regulatory period,” the draft ANRE order states.

Source: E-nergia

Vice-Premier Paul Stanescu resigns

Vice-Premier, Development Minister Paul Stanescu has resigned Monday afternoon. His resignation comes one week after PSD leader Liviu Dragnea requested him to step down.In the statement released by Paul Stanescu, he wrote that he is a man of honour and has not aimed any personal interest and that he did everything is his power to carry out the attributions as minister with responsibility, having as priority the investments for health infrastructure, education, accommodation, water and sewerage.

Source: Romania Journal


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