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23iulalldayDragnea: There is talk about a possible government ordinance on the offshore law


Dragnea: There is a discution about a possible government ordinance on the offshore law

„We are now discussing a possible government ordinance with regard to the Offshore Law. What we put in the text of the law is not very well defined in the annex setting out the calculation formulas, which is very important and for the Romanian State and for the companies that invest, in order to respect the assumed principles.These are very good for the Romanian state, are acceptable to the respective companies, but these must be clear so that nobody, never, misunderstand, in favor or against one of the parties ” said Liviu Dragnea.

Source: Agerpres

Balance Dăncilă: Revenues to the state budget have increased

State budget revenues grew by more than 12% in the first six months of this year, Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă said at Victoria Palace on Monday, presenting the balance sheet at six months of government.

Source: Agerpres

President Iohannis signed the appointment of Felix Bănilă as the chief prosecutor of DIICOT

Source: Agerpres

Effect of the reference price on the Austrian stock exchange : the state will collect 35% less money from Romgaz in 2018, although the company will pay higher production taxes by 19%

Romgaz will pay the Romanian state taxes on production this year higher by 19% than those projected in the company’s budget as a result of calculating the royalty at the new reference price from the hub in Baumgarten, Austria, established in February by the Agency Regulation of Mineral Resources (NAMR). However, as a result of the increase of the production tax, the activity of the company will be affected, and the romanian state will collect from Romgaz total taxes and dividends by 35% below those levied in 2017.

Source: Profit

Transgaz wants to borrow another 186 million lei for BRUA, designed to take the Black Sea gas to the West. Both the project and the company’s liquidity are under increasing pressure

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