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12feballdayFurther complaints about GEO114


Further complaints about GEO114

Two major international investment banks, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) formally complained to the Romanian Government about the new tax for banks by means of a letter. They show that the financial and banking system will deteriorate further in the next period, the impact being complex and lasting.

Source: Bursa

Orban Ludovic (PNL) strongly supports Kovesi

PNL, through its president, Ludovic Orban, announced that the Liberal MPs were mandated by the Party’s Executive Office to support Laurea Codruta Kovesi’s candidacy for the post of Chief Prosecutor of the European Prosecutor’s Office

Source: Agerpres

Pressure from Hungary officials

Hungarian Foreign and Trade Minister Peter Szijjarto urged for a second time in less than a week a senior US official to facilitate a final decision of the ExxonMobil energy group to produce natural gas in the Black Sea.

Source: Bursa

FIC position on GEO 114

Franz Weiler, chairman of the Foreign Investors Council (FIC), declares in an interview that the way the government adopted EGO 114 „overnight” is „toxic for long-term planning and worries investors.” Weiler points out that the independence of the National Bank is „an absolute necessity” and speaks of the need for free and independent justice.

Source: G4media


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