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06novalldayIohannis, an unprecedented attack on Dragnea, in the VALIZE scandal: This criminal progresses in the field of fake news


Iohannis, an unprecedented attack on Dragnea, in the VALIZE scandal: This criminal progresses in the field of fake news

President Klaus Iohannis said on Tuesday that the information provided the day before Liviu Dragnea and is targeting him is „fake news”, cataloging him „a desperate one that is progressing”.

Source: Mediafax

President agrees to Commissioner Cretu on EU funds absorption criticism

President Klaus Iohannis has said on Tuesday that he had never heard of the version of a union consent government potentially led by Corina Cretu, EU Commissioner for Regional Policy. “I have never heard of such a thing and I would not comment this issue now”, the head of state said. On the other hand, he rallied to Cretu’s criticism regarding the EU funds absorption, saying the current ruling has reached amazing counter-performances on this chapter.

Source: Romania Journal

Black Sea Petroleum Criticizes Offshore Law: Regulatory act affects the principle of stability and the free market

The latest version of the Offshore Law, voted by the Chamber of Deputies on October 24, affects the principle of stability, introduces new taxes, and imposes certain conditions on companies for how they will sell their production, according to a statement from the Romanian Offshore Offshore Association Black (ARCOMN), on Tuesday, AGERPRES.Petrolists have shown that in the past two years ARCOMN has participated in consultations with institutions of the Romanian state, ie all relevant ministries, competent agencies and authorities, as well as the parliamentary committees involved in developing the offshore regulatory framework.

Source: Agerpres

Hidroelectrica, the state money-making machine, beat any record: net profit of two billion lei at nine months, over the whole year 2017

Hidroelectrica beats record after recoord. The largest electricity producer in Romania reported, after nine months, production figures and net profit higher than last year. The company’s director also revealed his business plan for the next five years: more than five billion lei, for new hydro power plants and for the acquisition of wind and photovoltaic parks

Source: Economica

The final shape of the energy strategy puts head on renewable energy. How the Energy Ministry changed its minds in two months

The contribution of renewable sources to Romania’s electricity production in the coming years dramatically decreases in the final shape of the energy strategy compared to the initial form published only two months ago

Source: Economica


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