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04sepalldayIohannis: I suspended the CSAT meeting; The government must come up with a new draft budget


Iohannis: I suspended the CSAT meeting; The government must come up with a new draft budget

The CSAT meeting has been suspended and the Government has to come up with a new draft budget explaining the reasons for the budget cuts in the area of national security, with a strong positive budget adjustment, said President Klaus Iohannis on Tuesday. He reminded that the CSAT opinion is not an optional one.

Source: Agerpres , Hotnews, Profit

Minister of Finance: We request the declassification of the minutes of the CSAT meeting

„From what has been discussed in the CSAT on the budget of each CSAT member structure, the opinion of those present differs completely from the conclusion that the president has expressed publicly. And to be very convincing and sober in front of the public opinion, I think that it is obligatory and common sense to ask for the declassification of the CSAT verbatim to see very clearly what was the point of view for each CSAT member structure in particular. I believe that this is normal and I repeat the transparency of the Romanian citizen ” , said Eugen Teodorovici, at Victoria Palace.

Source : Agerpres

George Maior, Romania’s ambassador to the United States, says there is a need for „correcting” the offshore law. Dragnea has already said what can not be negotiated

George Maior, the Ambassador of Romania to Washington, talked about the necessity of amending the offshore law, which was already adopted by the Parliament but returned to the Legislature for re-examination, vital for the future of Black Sea gas extraction and which is primarily interested in the American giant Exxon. Major has had a meeting on this subject in the past with the Secretary of State for Energy and says the law needs to be changed to ensure predictability for investors. PSD chief Liviu Dragnea says clarification is needed, but there are two non-negotiable things: the additional tax rates already set and the petroleum obligation to sell half of the gas extracted in Romania. Modifying the law is one of the parliamentary priorities in the session that has just begun.

Source: E-nergia

Rough figures: The state collects annually for the Black Sea gas royalties of only 30 million dollars for 1.36 billion cubic meters of extracted gas, ie 10% of the total gas production of Romania

By formulas that were not well explained, the amounts would reach $ 1 billion when the production will be 5-10 billion cubic meters per year, which includes both royalties and additional revenue taxes. „In 2017, a quantity of 1.36 billion cubic meters of natural gas was extracted from the Black Sea. For the production of natural gas from the Black Sea, the amount of 116.4 million lei (25 million euros, 29 million dollars) was collected in the form of a royalty in 2017, „the representatives of the National Agency for Mineral Resources (ANRM), the manager of all the riches in Romania’s basement.

Source: Ziarul financiar


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