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Irregularities regarding offshore law

Documents from the Ministry of Energy indicate that two of the articles are in violation of the European legislation and could lead to infringement. The Law regarding the conduct of oil operations on the sea (offshore) which is currently on the home stretch in the Parliament, contains two controversial articles that could lead to the initiation of infringement procedures by the European Commission, highlighted in two letters sent by the Ministry of Energy to the Industries Committee within the Chamber of Deputies.

According to the two letters obtained by HotNews.ro, the two articles „form an obstacle for the free circulation of goods and it is an arbitrary constraint means in relation to the selection of the employees necessary in order to conduct the offshore oil agreements”.

Nevertheless, the chair of the Committee, Iulian Iancu, insists on the fact that the provisions of these articles must be imposed, one way or another, on the oil companies operating in the Black Sea.

The first controversial article: „Under similar technical and pricing conditions, the titleholders of the oil agreements are bound to procure goods and services from Romanian legal entities of which 25 % capital is held by Romanian natural and legal entities”.

The second controversial article: „The titleholders of the oil agreements are bound to observe that at least one quarter of the total number of employees used in conducting the oil agreements should be Romanian citizens having their tax residence in Romania”. 

Source: Hotnews 


New ANRE rules on energy market

Household electric energy consumers may change their provider with a different one offering them a lower price, nevertheless, still remaining within the regulated market, shows a communication of the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE). 

Source: Focus Enegetic


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