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13feballdayL.O.Vasilescu withdraws her MDRAP candidacy


L.O.Vasilescu withdraws her MDRAP candidacy

Source: Agerpres

Klaus Iohannis: 2019 budget is based on unrealistic assumptions

President Klaus Iohannis said the budget is superficial and based on unrealistic economic previsons, drawing attention that it does not belong to the PSD, but to Romania. The head of state added that the draft budget in Parliament is based on „preferential political allocations” and should have been elaborated since the beginning of last year. However, the state budget and the social security budget for 2019 have received final notice from the specialized commissions to enter the plenary debate and may undergo further changes.

Source: Agerpres

CCR may have new president

PSD President Liviu Dragnea would like the current Constitutional Court president, Valer Dorneanu, to be replaced in the June elections. Dragnea seems to be dissatisfied with the solutions that the CCR gave in several files, considering Dorneanu’s position rather “soft”.

Source: G4media

GEO 114 amendments – Centralized heating of the population escapes from Russian gas

The Senate’s Energy Commission introduced an amendment to GEO no. 114/2018 (ALDE proposal)

which includes thermal power plants supplying district heating (SACET) heating to the list of customers to be supplied with priority by domestic gas producers at the price cap of 68 lei / MWh, for ensuring all their consumption needs from this source.

Source: Profit

Romania has reached its 2020 target for the share of renewable energy in gross final consumption of energy

According to the data issued by EUROSTAT, the share of energy from renewable sources in gross final energy consumption in the European Union reached 17.5% in 2017, from 17% in 2016, to a double of 8.5% in 2004, shows data released Tuesday by Eurostat. The Member States where renewable energy has the largest share of gross final energy consumption are Sweden (54.5%), Finland (41%) and Latvia (39%). The opposite is Malta (7.2%), the Netherlands (6.6%) and Luxembourg (6.4%).

Source: Economica


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