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OFFSHORE law – Adopted

The Chamber of Deputies adopted in the late-evening the offshore law, which sets the rules for offshore oil and gas exploitation in the Black Sea.  The law passed with 175 votes in favor, 30 against and 30 abstentions. Offshore law imposes progressive taxes on operators for additional incomes from the sale of the Black Sea production, applied depending on the price of gas. It also provides that 50% of all production needs to be transacted on the local market


Romanian parliament passes draft bill on Administration Code

The Chamber of Deputies adopted on July 9 the draft bill on Romania’s Administration Code, which sets the functioning rules for local authorities. The bill stipulates, among others, that mayors, deputy mayors, presidents and vice-presidents of county councils elected after 1992 receive a special pension based on the number of terms served. It also provides that the local authorities can decide to use the native language of minorities in public administration even in the localities where minorities represent less than 20% of the population. The opposition criticized the draft bill and said it would ask the Constitutional Court to rule on the new changes.

Source: Romania-Insider


President Iohannis revokes DNA’s Kovesi

President spokesperson made the announce and emphasized that ” Mr. Klaus Iohannis, considers that Romania cannot make steps back from the statute of country governed by the rule of law, in which the supremacy of the Constitution is observed. In Romania, the fight against corruption must not be diminished or blocked in any way. On the contrary, it must continue. None of the institutions involved in the fight against corruption should be subject to pressures or attempts to discredit it.

President Klaus Iohannis highlighted that Romania is and must remain a state of the rule of law. The rule of law, as well as genuine democracy, is manifested day by day, through the decision and the choice of each citizen to respect, above all, the Constitution and the laws of this country. A deviation from this principle would mean, in fact, a blow and a weakening of the rule of law.”

Source: Romania Journal


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