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09augalldayOMV Petrom started production at the first offshore multilateral drilling rig in Romania, where it invested 30 million euros


OMV Petrom started production at the first offshore multilateral drilling rig in Romania, where it invested 30 million euros

OMV Petrom started production at the first offshore multilevel probe in Romania on Lebada West, which will be one of the ten most productive ten wells in the company’s portfolio, with an initial production of about 1,700 bep/day.

Source: Profit, Economica, E-nergia, Ziarul Financiar,

Petrom will pay the royalties for oil extracted from Romania according to the oil price in London. State revenues will increase

ANRM will set a new reference price for oil extracted from Romania, after making in February this for gas, to which the percentages of royalties will be applied, Dorin Ursarescu, councilor of ANRM president, told us. „We are in the process of substantiating the reference price for crude oil.” The samples are made and taken to the Petroleum and Gas University of Ploiesti, from which we expect the report and the baseline of the reference price until the end of August. and at the end of September we will have adopted the reference price, „said Ursărescu.

Source: Economica , E-nergia

The rains and the colder weather in July led to lower energy prices on the spot market by 18%

The average closing price of the Next Day Market – the spot electricity market in Bucharest, declined in july compared to the previous month and the same month in 2017, which is in line with OPCOM data. Prices on the market where energy is consumed for population consumption have also fallen.

Source: Economica

How does an ALDE leader interpret the diaspora demonstration in Victory Square: Iohannis has his second term in his pocket if one million people

If one million people come to the streets on Friday, Iohannis has his second term in his pocket. Because, in fact, the idea of „Dialogue Vine” follows the idea that Diaspora is the one who helped him become president in 2014. If the world does not come to the market Friday, I think Iohannis has lost his second term. We will see how many will come, „ALDE MEP Renate Weber told TVR 1 on Wednesday evening. She added that the opposition parties hope that, through the diaspora rally, they will determine the PSD’s exit from the government. „The idea is that if there were over 100,000, or at least 100,000 people, a collective emotion is created. On collective emotion many things can happen. If the opposition is there, they say they can scare the PSD and go home. The emotion counts.”, Weber said.

Source: Mediafax

Codrin Ştefănescu announces date when the party will decide whether to have a PSD + ALDE joint candidate

PSD deputy secretary general Codrin Stefanescu announced on Wednesday evening that PSD and ALDE leaders will announce on October 15 whether they will have separate candidates in the presidential election or whether the two parties will have a joint candidate „who will take everything from the first round”.

Source: Mediafax, Hotnews


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