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05feballdayOrban: PNL will support the candidacy of Codruta Kovesi as European Chief Prosecutor


Orban: PNL will support the candidacy of Codruta Kovesi as European Chief Prosecutor

PNL and USR support the candidacy of former DNA chief Laura Codruta Kovesi for the European Prosecutor position. To act accordingly, PNL representatives will actively militate at the level of the European Parliament and the EPP to get a vote favorable to the candidacy of the former general prosecutor and chief prosecutor of DNA . Ludovic Orban, national liberals leader, summons the Minister of Justice to give up his efforts to block this procedure.

Source: Agerpres, Hotnews

Cioloş (PLUS): The solution for budget crisis is snap elections

PLUS leader opinion is that we should move from the consumer-based economic model to an investment-oriented model. Furthermore, he strongly believes that the current government has an anti-European rhetoric.

Source: Agerpres

PNL is to inform EU Commission about GEO114

PNL President Ludovic Orban announces that liberals will send the European Commission their opinion related to the regulations of GEO114/2018. The official address is to be approved by PNL executive Bureau and the main provision of the documents stipulates the need of GEO114 abolition.

Source: Agerpres

Virgil Popescu (PNL): The Finance Minister is blocking the establishment of new gas distribution networks

„The Minister of Finance and Development, Eugen Teodorovici, will block the gas distribution in Romania, namely the draft HG, which elaborates the norms for gas distribution. The Government Decision is in the approval procedure for more than 6 months, although it had to either finalized and adopted in September 2018, according to Law 167/2018, „says Liberal Virgil Popescu, vice-president of the Commission for Industries and Services (Chamber of Deputies).

Source: Profit

Protest announced by trade unionists at Romgaz, at Mediaş headquarters

Representatives of the Romgaz Trade Union have asked the Mediaş Mayor’s office for a demonstration in front of the headquarters of the company in Medias. The reason behind is that as there are suspicion rerlated to the approval of the new organizational chart, „structures and activities” will be established in Bucharest, not in Mediaş.

Source: Profit

Hidroelectrica: The regulated market brings losses to the state estimated at 1.2 billion lei

One of the largest and most profitable power-generating companies, Hidroelectrica, is affected by GEO 114 previsions. Hidroelectrica representatives had an extremely tough position on ANRE’s proposed methodology for the regulated market before the change applied to the methodology. The Romanian State, as a majority shareholder (80, …%), will be affected by Hidroelectrica by reducing the dividends related to the profit between ROL 700 million and 1.2 billion.

Source: Economica


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