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26sepalldayPonta charges Liviu Dragnea of ‘high treason’ related to the offshore law


Ponta charges Liviu Dragnea of ‘high treason’ related to the offshore law

Former PSD leader, currently Pro Romania chairman, Victor Ponta, accused current social-democrat chair Liviu Dragnea of high treason, as the form of the offshore law adopted by the Senate on Monday will lead to losses of USD 10 billion in royalties and taxes for Romania. “What Dragnea is doing is high treason, however he will have lots of accomplices in the Chamber of Deputies when the vote comes, the UDMR deputies will say yes for sure. The PSD deputies who will vote in favour will become accomplices, as now they know what it all about,” Victor Ponta says. He added that, following the amendments made by the Senate “upon Dragnea’s request” even the companies already operating in the Black Sea will pay less.

Source: Romania Journal, Agerpres, Hotnews

Wind energy provides over a quarter of the country’s electricity on Tuesday afternoon

Wind energy, on Tuesday afternoon, provides over 27% of the national electricity generated, ranking first among the top sources of production, according to data on the state of the national energy system, presented in real time on the Transelectrica site.

Source: Agerpres

ANRE: The European Union has proposed increasing its energy efficiency by 32.5% by 2030

The European Union (EU) has proposed an increase in energy efficiency of 32.5% by 2030, and Romania is due to take over this provision in national legislation in the coming months, Zoltan Nagy-Bege, vice-president of the Authority National Regulatory Agency for Energy (ANRE), in a conference on topics of interest.

Source: Agerpres


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