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11feballdayPossible exclusion of ALDE Ro from the Europeans’ family


Possible exclusion of ALDE Ro from the Europeans’ family

European Liberal Democrats postponed the decision on possible exclusion from the political family of ALDE Romania, on the grounds that such a move could shadow the launch of the „team for Europe” in March. The Berlin meeting was marked by the debate over the Romanian party, accused of violating the principles of the rule of law. ALDE President Europe, Hans Van Baelen, stressed that the possible exclusion of a member would only be evoked after a full analysis.

Source: Hotnews

2019 budget debate in parliament continues without MFP

The Minister of Public Finance is going to ECOFIN, which is why at the hearings on the Budget Law 2019 representatives of the Ministry, such as State Secretary Daniela Pescaru and the President of the National Commission for Strategy and Prognosis (CNSP), Ion Ghizdeanu, participate. The budgets of the Senate, the Presidential Administration, the Court of Accounts, the Chamber of Deputies and the National Office for Preventing and Combating Money Laundering.

Source: Hotnews

PMP reaction about GEO 114

PMP Chairman Eugen Tomac claims that in a state where market rules are being respected, those who drafted GEO 114 had to be arrested. It simply takes away the investors, it demolishes any hope of welfare for the Romanians, at a time not quite favorable before the New Year, without them being announced or debated.

Source: Bursa

PSD collapse, nearly half the score taken in November 2016, remains in 2019

According to a poll conducted by IMAS, Liviu Dragnea’s party, PSD, collapsed in the Romanians ‘voters’ intentions in January, reaching a historic minimum of 24.5 according to a monthly IMAS survey commissioned by USR. The study followed the election preferences of the Romanians in the European Parliamentary and parliamentary elections.

Source: G4media

Council of the EU Council mandates us to initiate negotiations on the revision of the Gas Directive

The Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union has been given the mandate to initiate negotiations with the European Parliament on the revision of the Gas Directive. The purpose of the proposed Directive is to ensure a uniform and transparent regulatory framework at Union level by extending the application of common European rules to gas interconnection projects with third countries.

Source: Adevarul

Hungary cut almost 27% from tariff for gas imported from Romania to BRUA 2 capacity reserve

FGSZ, the Hungarian gas transmission operator, Transgaz counterpart, will apply lower freight rates at the last capacity reservation round on the development phase of the BRUA international gas pipeline through which pipeline transport capacity would be increased to 4.4 billion cubic meters per year, from 1.75 billion, to ensure the first phase of the project, to which Transgaz is already working.

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