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18sepalldayPresident: Romania can be a regional energy platform


President: Romania can be a regional energy platform

Romania has the potential to be a regional energy platform with an essential contribution to the energy security in the region and in Europe, Romanian president Klaus Iohannis said in his opening speech at the Three Seas Initiative Summit in Bucharest. He also pleaded for an operational and robust transatlantic relationship and said the U.S. is directly interested in the regional interconnectivity projects, local Mediafax reported.

Source: Romania Insider, Agerpres, Mediafax

Juncker at the Three Seas Summit: Investments do not make sense if there is no respect for the rule of law

We have a wide range of projects. For example, € 2.5 billion is allocated for infrastructure only, especially in your area. Same for power and natural gas. These projects should be encouraged. And the gas pipeline between Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania (BRUA). And the Junker Plan. Unfortunately, little is said about him. It’s a European investment plan. We would like to make available all the financial means that you need, all the financial possibilities that the EU will have will be made available, „Junker explained.

Source: G4Media

Ponta: I would love to be Corina Creţu prime minister on January 1, when Romania takes over the presidency of the EU Council

Pro Romania’s President Victor Ponta said on Monday that he would enjoy the current European Commissioner Corina Creţu as the prime minister of Romania at the moment when our country will take over from 1 January 2019 the rotating presidency of the EU Council. „I would like to be Prime Minister Ms. Cretu. We will take over the presidency of the EU on 1 January and you will realize how well Romania will look with Mrs. Dăncilă, Mr. Andruşcă and everyone else,” Ponta said. The Pro Romania leader claims that the nomination of Corina Cretu for the post of European commissioner was one of his best decisions as prime minister.

Source: Agerpres, Hotnews

EU Commissioner Corina Cretu: Protest is normal in democracy, the parties should take the people’s voice into account

„As politician, I have always supported the Romanians’ right to protest, I think this must be guaranteed in any democratic country, like everywhere in Europe. And it is normality in a democracy everywhere. I think parties should always take the people’s voice into account, whether they express it by vote or by civic or politic participation. On these controversies related to violence, there are several ongoing investigations, you know very well the European Parliament has asked for a debate on this topic. So, until the competent authorities pronounce themselves, allow me to make no further comments. However, anywhere in the world, any type of violence must be strongly denied. So, in my view, the laws must be enforced, the institutions must be defended, but, on the other hand, there is the free right of Romanians to affirm their stances freely and peacefully,” Cretu stated.

Source: Romania Journal




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