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13iunalldayPSD ministers support President's suspension


PSD ministers support President’s suspension

Vice Prime Minister Paul Stănescu states that President Klaus Iohannis must be suspended from his position if he fails to sight the revocation of the National Anticorruption Directorate’s head, Laura Codruţa Kovesi, but this decision must be taken by PSD.

„I am of the same opinion with madam VP Olguţa Vasilescu, but this will be a party’s decision, we will no make a decision separately. Everyone will state his/her opinion, but it will be the party’s decision. Yes, I also say that he must be suspended (President Iohannis – editor’s note) the moment he fails to sign the revocation. We will wait and see. He said that he must read a little bit more, not that much, that’s what the President say, and when he will say that he does not agree with CCR’s decision, we will decide within the party, of course, what we should do next. We will analyze all viewpoints and take a decision inside the party”, stated Paul Stănescu. 

Source: Agerpres 


Gas trading amount on stock market voted

The Chamber of Deputies adopted the amendments proposed by the Industries and Services Committee regarding the Law on energy 123/2012. The proposed changes are substantial, one of the amendments provides that as from the 1st of January 2019, at least 50% of the has amounts contracted in one year shall be traded on the stock market.

Nevertheless, it is not certain that this quota remains, because another amendment indicates that the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) will have the possibility to increase it on a yearly basis, at its own discretion.

In case the indicated obligations are maintained, the European Commission could reactivate the infringement procedure for Romania, as happened in the case of GEO 64. Within the same work session, the members of the Industries Committee decided not to defer the wide-scale implementation of the intelligent energy consumption counter systems until 2032, but until 2028. 

Source: Hotnews 


Offshore law could be adopted by the end of first parliamentary session

The chair of the Industries Committee, Iulian Iancu, proposed to defer the debates upon the draft law until next Monday, when it is established for the report to be compiled and to submit it to the plenum in order to be voted during this session. By the same date, the interested parties must sent their amendments to the current text of the law. According to RBSTA –  Romanian Black Sea Titleholders Association, the text in its current form is inoperagle for the offshore oil agreements titleholders. 

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Electricity provider loses right to unilaterally terminate contract with client

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The new energy law prohibits the electricity provider to unilaterally terminate the contracts with the clients, according to the regulatory draft act to be sent for vote within the Chamber of Deputies’ plenum, it can only be terminated by the provider, in case of theft or failure to pay the invoices, but the clients are entilted, by law, to unilaterally terminate the agreements, within 21 days, without giving explanations. The argumentation of the deputies in the Industries Committee consists in attribution additional protection to the clients if they would confront themselves with a price growth. 

Source: Economica 


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