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08ianalldayRomania is importing significant amounts of electricity Tuesday morning at a near-record consumption


Romania is importing significant amounts of electricity Tuesday morning at a near-record consumption

Romania imported a significant amount of electricity Tuesday morning, amid a very high national consumption of over 9,400 MW, according to Transelectrica data. Thus, at 10:15, the import of electricity was 1,413 MW, the consumption amounted to 9,457 MW, and the production to 8,104 MW. A similar import has not been registered since February 2018. Tuesday morning’s energy consumption is close to the record high of 9,750 MW recorded in the winter of 2017. In the top of the sources of production are coal with 25.90% (2.089 MW), hydrocarbons – 24.50% (1.977 MW), hydro – 20.22% (1.632 MW), nuclear – 17.29% (1.395 MW) ), wind – 8,51% (687 MW), photo – 2,80% (226 MW), biomass – 0,79% (64 MW). The price of energy in Romania on the spot market continues to be the highest in the region Tuesday after it had a 30-36% difference on Monday compared to other countries with which the spot market is coupled.

Source: Agerpres, Profit, Digi 24, Economica

Law that charges companies in energy, assaults on the country’s energy security „

Emergency Ordinance 114/2018, whereby the Government imposed an additional 2% of its turnover on energy companies, as well as the capping of the price of energy, is a danger to the companies in the field, which will be , „put in the head” draws attention Virgil Popescu, deputy chairman of the Committee for Industries and Services of the Chamber of Deputies. Also, the energy expert Ovidiu Demetrescu says that this additional fee, together with the lack of investments and a long-term impact, will lead to an increase in the price of electricity. MP Virgil Popescu believes that last year’s liberalization of the electricity and natural gas markets was a positive thing, being expected by both the energy industry and consumers.

Source: Bursa

Orban: We have decided to set the list for the European Parliament until February 1-15

PNL President Ludovic Orban said on Monday that the list of candidates for the European Parliament will be established by mid-February. „We have 49 applications submitted.” The proposals are in the process of being evaluated, and we have decided to establish the list by February 1-15, „Orban said at Digi 24. He showed that those who will be nominated will be hierarchized on the list after voting in the party’s National Political Bureau.

Source: Agerpres


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