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14sepalldayRomania’s ruling party leader’s seat is shaking


Romania’s ruling party leader’s seat is shaking

Romania’s deputy prime minister Paul Stanescu and over 20 leaders of the Social Democratic Party – PSD’s county organizations discussed on Thursday, September 13, about a possible action to withdraw their political support for party leader Liviu Dragnea, sources among the participants to the meeting told Mediafax

Source: Romania Insider

Romanian president signals new criminal code dangers to Venice Commission representatives

The changes to Romania’s criminal codes reduce predictability and unbalance the local judiciary system, aiming to favor politicians targeted by criminal investigations, president Klaus Iohannis told the Venice Commission’s representatives who came to Bucharest to assess the new criminal codes.The Commission’s delegation also had meetings with the Superior Magistracy Council and justice minister Tudorel Toader. The Venice Commission will adopt an opinion on the changes to Romania’s criminal code and criminal procedure code in its plenary session on October 16-17.

Source: Romania Insider

Will someone else get the gas from the Black Sea? The tax paid by oil companies could increase to 80%, the deduction drops to half

An amendment draft on the senators’ table in the first parliamentary committee that decided on the request for an offshore law review further complicates the future of Black Sea gas extraction in an attempt to maximize State revenues from resource exploitation: the fees introduced in the law already adopted , considered to be heavy fuel oil in the absence of a system of deduction of billions in exploration, grows to 80%, from 50% initially. And the deduction is halved, from 60% to 30%, given that the current interpretation, which has not been clarified, is that it does not apply to these costs anyway, which should be clarified but still unclear.

Source: Economica, E-nergia

EXCLUSIVELY A new blow to the Black Sea gas exploitation: NAMR calls for tax increases and lower deductible expenses

On Wednesday, the National Agency for Mineral Resources (ANRM) sent a proposal to the senators from the Budget Commission by fax to the calculations for the Black Sea gas exploitation, sources from the Parliament told ANRM’s proposal comes amid the attacks launched by Liviu Dragnea and Darius Vâlcov – the gray eminence of PSD in the economy – to foreign companies that want to invest in the Black Sea.

Source: G4Media


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