noiembrie, 2018

26novalldaySessions of the Committees



  • Commission for Industries and Services – 10:00 (Tuesday)

    PL-x no. 567/2008 Draft Law for completing the Law on the Public Service of Supply of Heat No.325 / 2006

    • Request for re-examination

    PL-x no. 199/2017 Draft Law approving Government Emergency Ordinance no.25 / 2017 amending the content of the annex to Government Ordinance no.7 / 2013 on the introduction of the tax on the extra income obtained as a result of the deregulation of prices in the natural gas sector

    For COMMON REPORT with Com. Budget

    • It is proposed to modify the term PCCreglem in the annex to OG7 / 2003, which refers to the regulated price, referring to the price realized on the centralized market PMPCNC – the weighted average price of natural gas from the domestic production corresponding to the quantities sold on the centralized / competitive market for the consumers households and at the same time eliminating the referents at 72 lei MWh
    • Invite: MFP, M.Energiei


All Day (Luni)


Chamber of Deputies

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