februarie, 2019

19feballdaySessions of the Committees



L728 / 2018 Draft law approving Government Emergency Ordinance no.105 / 2018 for the amendment and completion of some normative acts in the field of European non-reimbursable funds

L697 / 2018 Legislative proposal for amending the Competition Law no. 21/1996

  • Negative REPORT from the commission, industry and services
  • Individualization of sanctions in relation to turnover

Work Commission –  10:00

L41 / 2019 Legislative proposal for completing Article 139 of the Law no. 53/2003 – Labor Code

  • For REPORT
  • Free Days 2019

L742 / 2018 Legislative proposal on social dialogue

  • For REPORT

L71 / 2019 Legislative proposal for the First National Light Program

  • It foresees the establishment of a voucher system for families whose homes have never been connected to the electricity grid and can not afford to cover those connection costs (falls into the category of vulnerable consumers).

L84 / 2019 Legislative proposal for amending and completing the Law no.227 / 2015 on the Fiscal Code

  • Implementation of a set of fiscal policies in order to stimulate the activity of petrochemical indigenous natural gas
  • Initiator: USR – Cristina Pruna

Budget Committee –  11:00

L11 / 2019 Draft Law approving Government Emergency Ordinance no.114 / 2018 regarding the introduction of measures in the field of public investments and fiscal-budgetary measures, amending and completing some normative acts and extending some deadlines

  • For REPORT

L55 / 2019 legislative proposal to amend Government Emergency Ordinance no.70 / 2011 on social protection measures during the cold season


L71 / 2019 Legislative proposal for the First National Light Program



All Day (Marti)



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