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08augalldayTariceanu on presidential bid: That would not scare me, but I am not driven by huge ambition


Tariceanu on presidential bid: That would not scare me, but I am not driven by huge ambition

„I would not say that it is something to scare me, but I am not, right now, driven by any huge ambition. Never in politics, at least in my case, did I act thus. I believe that those with uncontrollable and huge ambitions eventually make mistakes. (…) I can tell you this: I was a prime minister and maybe there is no other step above, except for the presidential office not a presidential bid, because I was a candidate in 2014, but I can say the presidential office is nothing I am concerned with. Of course, I often wonder what the tenure of the president should be, how I would conduct my presidential tenure, what I should do for Romania,” Tariceanu told Antena 3 private broadcaster on Tuesday, asked if he was considering running in the 2019 presidential election.

Source: Agerpres

The battle between energy providers will sharpen: The state prepares an application to indicate to consumers where there are lower prices for electricity and gas in the liberalized market

Source: Profit, Economica

We have gas in vain. Romania’s gas pipeline network is growing at just 800 km / year. At this rate we reach Hungary in 60 years

Romania ranks fourth in gas production in the EU, but 3 million homes do not have access to heating gas because the network is moving very slow. Meanwhile, the big distributors Engie and E.ON make profits of tens of millions of euros. Romania’s gas pipeline network grew with only 4,000 kilometers between 2011 and 2016, reaching 20,000 miles in 2016, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics. Figures show that, on average, the gas distribution pipeline expansion rate is about 800 kilometers per year.

Source: Ziarul Financiar

Environment Minister: Thousands of households not supplied with electricity will be equipped with photovoltaic cells

Environment Minister Gratiela Gavrilescu announced on Wednesday in Alba Iulia that 9,000 households that are not supplied with electricity will be able to be equipped with photovoltaic cells in the next years, through the project called „The Centenary of Light.”

Source: Agerpres


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