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23ianalldayUSR and PLUS decision about EU elections


USR and PLUS decision about EU elections

A possible alliance, between USR and PLUS parties, for EU elections that will happen this year in May is to be announced. Dan Barna said the USR has 43 candidates for the European Parliament elections after an internal electoral campaign, in which members of the party have expressed their democratic choices. Both party leaders, Dan Barna (USR) and Dacian Ciolos (PLUS) agreed that at the beginning of February are to announce whether there is an alliance or not. Former Prime Minister, Dacian Ciolos, has admitted that he may give up the mandate of the European Parliament if he succeeds in the election because his main desire is to stay in Romania.

Source: Agerpres

Closer to the extraordinary session of the Parliament

The opposition filed signatures to convene the extraordinary parliamentary session to reject the greed, to abolish the Compensation Act and to debate the budgetPNL’s first vice-president, Raluca Turcan, said that PNL had collected 114 signatures from PNL, USR, PMP and Pro Romania for calling an extraordinary session. She also mentioned that „the President of the Chamber of Deputies is obliged to convene an extraordinary session when at least one third of the deputies have signed the request.

Source: G4media

ANRE VP: There are many people who need energy helpA study conducted by the Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD) shows that 23% of households in Romania are affected by energy poverty. In other words, they have difficulty in securing the need for affordable energy. Asked how these people can be helped, the ANRE official showed that, first of all, they need to be identified. According to him, the vulnerable consumer is defined by ANRE regulations and regulations.


ROPEPCA’s position regarding GEO 114

In a press release ROPEPECA shows that the new regulations will result in a double loss for both the oil sector and the state budget. Members of the association are expecting a reduction of taxes paid to the state budget, ranging between 30% and 60%, depending on the business model of each company. The regulated price is likely to reduce by up to 50% the funds available for investment in gas projects.


 GEO 114 turns Romania into a net energy importer

Romania’s situation is all the more paradoxical as the region from which it belongs, from Hungary to the Balkans, is known as the region with the most expensive energy in Europe in the winter, due to the reduced production capacity. Romania was the only state with high production capacities. However, the lack of investments and GEO 114 make Romania, instead of becoming an energy and energy exporter in the Balkans, to become an energy importer and an exporter of insecurity and uncertainty in the region.

Source: PROFIT

Adrian Volintiru: Reengineering and predictive maintenance must become top priorities for any energy managerRomgaz will focus on three projects – identification of onshore resources, Iernut and Mintia. Adrian Volintiru (GM) hopes to be able to carry out his investment plan, even with attracted sources. He believes that in energy sector ”we are beginning to catch up with the sequelae of the past”,  referring to the lack of investment. Offshore is not a priority for ROMGAZ this year.

Source: FinancialIntelligence


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