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V. Dăncilă: Government reached its goal

Romania’s PM, Viorica Dăncilă, states that the measures taken by the Government have a positive impact on Romanians and the data provided by the National Institute of Statistics confirms it.  

”The data of the National Institute of Statistics published at the beginning of this week show that the measures we took and we will continue to take were the good ones and reached their goal, more money in the citizens’ pockets. Let’s look at the numbers: the net average wage grew in April 2018 by 14.7% as compared to last April, and the purchasing power grew by 9%, according to the data transmitted by the National Institute of Statistics. These are numbers that show us that the alarming messages sent by various critics have no ground, no basis” she declares at the beginning of the Government session 

Source: Agerpres  


Possibility for industrial consumers to directly connect to Transgaz

The Chamber of Deputies adopted the draft law for the amendment and supplementation of the Law on electrical energy and natural gas no. 123/2012, having as object the regulation of the solicitors’ access to the natural gas network.

PNL deputy Virgil Popescu indicated that an amendment to the law targets the definition of an eligible industrial consumer, indicating that it must register a minimum natural gas consumption of 150,000 MW, i.e. approximately 1,150,000 cubic meters.”

This consumer will be entitled to directly connect to Transgaz, to the national system operator, through a direct main pipeline. This means that it will avoid distribution costs and that it will be much more competitive”, explained the VP of the Industries and Services Committee within the Chamber of Deputies. 

Source: Agerpres 


Different opinions inside PSD on suspending the President of Romania

PSD vice-chair Gabriel Zetea considers that there are no grounds to suspend President Klaus Iohannis and that the governing party must not resort to such an endeavour because it already has two ”traumatizing” experiences with Traian Băsescu, and social-democrats want stability.

His statements come within the context in which PSD launches several scenarios over these past days, one of them even targeting the President’s suspension, without the initiation of a dismissal referendum, as provided by the Constitution, which would practically mean the abusive take-over of the presidency.

PSD vice-chair also indicated that no such suspension was discussed in the party’s management forums. 

Source: Hotnews 


Two Hungarian companies booked BRUA until 2037

The natural gas extracted from the Neptun Deep offshore perimeter in the Black Sea could ensure as from 2022 half of Hungary’s consumption need, currently of 10 billion cubic meters/year, according to the statements made by the External Affairs and Trade Minister in Budapest, Péter Szijjártó, on the occasion of signing a strategic partnership between the Government of the Prime Minister Viktor Orban and ExxonMobil.

The minister indicated that part of the gas to be extracted from the deposit located in the Romanian territorial waters will be delivered to Hungary as starting with 2022, on the condition that the Romanian state observes its obligations undertaken in connection to this project. More precisely, the second stage of the state company, Transgaz’s project to build the BRUA international pipeline, which provides the increase of the gas transportation capacity towards Hungary to 4.4 billion cubic meters/year.

The transportation capacity was booked by two Hungarian companies until 2037, indicated Szijjártó. Currently, around 85% of Hungary’s gas consumption is ensured through imports, especially from the Russian giant Gazprom. 

Source: Profit  


4 gas manufacturing companies bound to pay 38-million-euro prejudice

The Court of Accounts bound Romgaz to file suits against the competing gas manufacturers, in order to recover an alleged prejudice of 38.7 million euro. The prejudice would have occurred, according to the Court of Accounts, due to the fact that Romgaz would have sold on the regulated market, over 2013-2015, a higher gas quantity than it was bound  by the legislation in force, consequently in exchange for a lower price than the ones it could have obtained on the free market. The targeted companies are OMV Petrom, Amromco, Raffles and Stratum. 
Source: Profit  


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