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07ianalldayWhat is the real stake of price capping on natural gas production and why consumers and producers will lose, and producers after PSD's populist discourse


What is the real stake of price capping on natural gas production and why consumers and producers will lose, and producers after PSD’s populist discourse

Capping the price of domestic gas production can also mean an invitation to the two American companies that are the concession operators in the deep waters of the Black Sea, or to look for other markets in the region after they cover some of their domestic consumption, or to postpone its investment decision. At 68 lei / Mwh and with high operating costs, the domestic market will not be attractive. The signal from the Government is that these companies seem to be less welcome, especially after Liviu Dragnea has failed, through managing the negotiations on the Offshore Law, to make a hurry to the top of US diplomacy. In this context, the Government seems to have grossly violated the stability clause set out in the normative act, one and a half months after the promulgation of the Offshore Law, after long debates. In the event of a possible arbitration against the Romanian state, the Finance Minister, probably the only one of the three who signed Ordinance 114/2018, together with his colleagues in the legal departments, will have some explanations.

Source: Adevarul

Electricity in Romania, more expensive 30% than the countries in the region, on the spot market

The price of energy in Romania on the spot market with Monday delivery is the highest in the region, at a difference of about 30% compared to the other countries with which Romania is coupled, according to data posted on the OPCOM website, the market operator. Thus, in Romania, the energy was traded at 83.10 euro per MWh, while in Hungary, the price is 65.77 euro per MW, in Slovakia – 63.74 euro per MWh, and in the Czech Republic – 61.68 euro on MWh. The difference between the price in Romania (the highest) and the Czech Republic (the lowest) is 36%.

Source: Agerpres

Rovana Plumb and Eugen Teodorovici – Proposed interim to Transport and Regional Development

Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă submitted to President Klaus Iohannis the proposals for the appointment of the interim ministers for transport and regional development portfolios Rovana Plumb and Eugen Teodorovici in order to ensure continuity of activity in the two areas, of press.

Source: Agerpres


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