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The energy industry generates prosperity to the society, continuously contributing to the comfort and productivity of each and every one of us. The Oil and Gas Employers’ Federation supports the development and operation of a healthy economy, with the help of its members. Thus, through the representativeness acquired at the level of the energy, oil, gas and energy mining” activity sector, the Federation consists of two employers’ organizations which account for approximately 20,200 employees. 


Founding member of the Oil and Gas Employers’ Federation, Petrogaz Organization was established at the level of the electric, thermal, oil and gas energy branch, under the provisions of Law no. 356/2001 on employers’ organizations and of its own statute on 14.01.1992, according to the Civil Sentence no. 21 sentenced in public session by Bucharest Sector 1 Court of First Instance. Petrogaz’s vision is to become a prestigious employers’ organization, representative at domestic level for the energy sector, as well as an active partner, at external level, for the international organizations, by consolidating FPPG’s structure. 


Built on the provisions of the Social Dialogue Law no. 62/2011, through the founding members’ freely expressed will, the Gaz Employers’ Organization is an independent entity, of non-political nature. Established as a private law legal entity on 9.10.2012 according to Civil Decision no. 1760 sentenced in public session by Bucharest Sector 1 Court of First Instance, the employers’ organization states its purpose to focus its activity for the elaboration and implementation of the rules regarding market competition amongst the economic operators in the field of natural gas, energy and oil. 

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