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06augalldayDanuţ Andruşca, Minister of Economy: BRUA pipeline of 476 million euros will be done exactly


Danuţ Andruşca, Minister of Economy: BRUA pipeline of 476 million euros will be done exactly

„BRUA will guarantee us and other European countries that we will have access to at least three different energy sources. The biggest success of the Ministry of Economy is the start of the BRUA project, the first phase, which started in April. ”

Source: Ziarul Financiar

The much-awaited royal law will no longer exist. Oil and gas charges will be covered by a new oil law

Romania will no longer have a unitary fee law, as expected, and the royalties for each domain will enter into the specific legislation of each domain. The statement was made by Economy Minister Danuţ Andruşcă. ANRM confirms the situation and announces that the oil and gas royalties will be included in the new oil law.

Source: Economica

What does Romania’s ambassador to the US say about the Black Sea gas exploitation

The exploitation of offshore and onshore gas, and especially the strategic projects carried out in the Black Sea, will be a success for Romania’s economy and security, says Romania’s ambassador to the United States, George Cristian Maior, in a statement released on Friday Agerpres on the projects investments in the Black Sea energy sector.

Source: Digi 24

Black Sea Oil & Gas conditional adoption of final investment decision in Midia project of offshore law change

Black Sea Oil & Gas SRL („BSOG”), a company owned by Carlyle International Energy Partners and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), intends to adopt the final investment decision for the Midia Gas Development project (Ana and Doina ) in the last quarter of this year. BSOG CEO Mark Beacom, however, conditional on the adoption of a decision to resolve „proper regulation of project authorization procedures, structure and functioning of the natural gas market and applicable tax regime in due course” by the authorities.

Source: Profit, Bursa


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