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11iulalldayGovernment’s will: High inflation for restraining the economy


Enhanced inflation leads to high interest rates, depreciation of the national currency and crisis.

Florin Citu, Chairman of the Senate’s Economic Committee, believes that under the rule of Liviu Dragnea, the state fosters high inflation which is meant to reduce the purchasing power that translates also in hindering of the overheated economy. „High inflation reduces the amount of money that the state returns from loans and increases revenue to the budget. That’s why the messages coming from Dragnea and PSD party related to inflation are reassuring: „It’s ok, no one died of an inflation rate of 6% or 7%. Look what it was in 2007! „This is how PSD manipulates you to get used to pricing that will continue to grow.”, explained the PNL Senator.

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President’s suspension is still on the table

According to the PSD leader, Liviu Dragnea, the suspension of Klaus Iohannis is not out of the discussion, therefore several actions are to be taken towards that direction. Liviu Dragnea explained that the head of state’s postponement of signing the revocation decree for Codruta Kovesi was not the only reason for suspension, so the subject “remains open”.

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Bulgaria preparing to open tender for offshore oil, gas exploration permit

Bulgaria is preparing to launch a procedure to award an oil and gas prospecting and exploration permit in Tervel offshore block in the Black Sea, the energy ministry said on Tuesday. The ministry provided no further details in a statement issued after a meeting between energy minister Temenuzhka Petkova and Xavier Faugeras, general manger of Total E&P Bulgaria, which is carrying out exploration works in the 1-21 Han Asparuh offshore block. France’s Total holds a 40% interest in Total E&P Bulgaria, while Austria’s OMV and Spain’s Repsol hold 30% each. During the meeting Petkova and Faugeras discussed planned amendments to the Subsurface Resources Act. The government’s main goal is to ensure an environment that is conducive to foreign investments, Petkova is quoted as saying.

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