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01augalldayNicusor Dan: I ask President Iohannis to resubmit the offshore law to Parliament, to increase Romania's gain in gas exploitation


Nicusor Dan: I ask President Iohannis to resubmit the offshore law to Parliament, to increase Romania’s gain in gas exploitation

„The off-shore law was passed by the Parliament without a real debate, without impact studies and without concrete calculations showing how much the Romanian state is actually gaining from the Black Sea gas exploitation. All the calculations made so far are based on price estimates, labor costs, quantity and caloric power, made by companies interested in the exploitation of the Black Sea gas. We need a study by the Romanian state, estimating the Black Sea reserves, the cost of exploitation, the labor force. this study can not be seriously negotiated with the companies, „Nicusor Dan said in a press conference on Wednesday.

Source: Agerpres

Black Sea Gas – Between political discourse and economic fundamentals. Exxon bets on oil, over gas, and guarantees investors a 20% profit

Exploitation of Black Sea gas seems to have a greater political and geopolitical importance than an economic one. Politicians are more likely to speak about this topic than the officials of the companies involved. In the case of native politicians, the stakes are obvious: additional revenues to the budget, electoral capital and economic rents for Romanian companies. In addition, Neil Chapman said that the company’s investment policy has changed lately, focusing on oil and not on gas, as a result of the higher profitability of refined products and the difference between gas prices and gas of oil (rising in the last year).

Source: Profit

Enel recorded a 9.4% net gain in the first half of the year to € 2.02 billion

Italian Enel announced on Wednesday that it posted a 9.4% net gain in the first half of the year, up 2.02 billion euros, compared to the same period last year, registered a slight decrease.

Source: Profit

Romanian gas, after imported gas: 17% increase in the first three months of 2018. Energy, after the crisis last year

Source: Ziarul Financiar

New ANRE rules for Enel, CEZ, E.On and Electrica for the next five years. Where energy distributors will lose money

The Energy Regulatory Authority has put into public debate a draft methodology for the calculation of electricity distribution tariffs for the period 2019-2024, with a direct impact on the business of the four distribution companies (Enel, CEZ, E.On and Electrica) in the next five years, but also the energy bills that will be paid during this period by all Romanian consumers.

Source: E-nergia


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