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17decalldayPSD scenario: Dragnea and Vâlcov take into account the taxation of energy companies on turnover and not on profit, as before


PSD scenario: Dragnea and Vâlcov take into account the taxation of energy companies on turnover and not on profit, as before

The transformation from corporate income tax to turnover tax on energy companies is a working scenario for the PSD to build the 2019 budget, sources told the party. The share discussed would be 5% of the turnover. It is not clear at this moment whether Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici and Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă agree with the plans of Liviu Dragnea and Darius Vâlcov. The reason for this change would be the need to attract additional funds to the state budget in 2019 to cover the growing needs: the increase in pensions from 1 September (8.4 billion extra lei) and the salaries of the public servants from 1 January about 17 billion lei). In addition, Liviu Dragnea has issued a tough warning to multinationals, banks, supermarket chains and telecoms companies, which he has accused of tax evasion and expatriates.

Source: G4Media, Hotnews, Economica

Who drove gas to Romania if „nothing has changed”? What variable „forgotten” by Liviu Dragnea has increased since the liberalization of ENERGY

The price of domestically produced gas increased by 50% from the moment of liberalization, a similar increase being registered by the price on the Austrian market, according to which the royalties are calculated in Romania. Guilders claim that this price is inexplicable, as „nothing has changed”. The reality contradicts the internal market, however, the main variable that has changed since the liberalization was the taxation, which has increased on several occasions, the state’s share rising from about 5 lei / MWh at the moment of liberalization to 28 lei / MWh at the moment.

Source: Profit, E-nergia

The EIB supports the expansion of the Romanian natural gas transport infrastructure

EUR 50m to finance pipeline linking new gas resources identified in the Black Sea to national and European gas transmission networks • EIB: Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Austria will benefit from the new connection • EIB: The loan will contribute to diversification supplying natural gas to Europe, allowing off-shore producers to export their gas to the EU. The European Investment Bank (EIB) is granting TRANSGAZ, the national gas transmission company in Romania, EUR 50 million – the first tranche of an approved 150 million euro loan – to finance a new pipeline, according to a communiqué from the EIB. This transaction is supported by the European Investment Trust Fund (EFSI), the financial pillar of the Investment Plan for Europe or the „Juncker Plan”

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