iunie, 2018

18iunalldaySessions of the Committees


Committee for Industries and Services – 14:00 

PLx 33/2018 Draft Law on certain measures necessary for the implementation of oil operations by the oil agreements titulars regarding oil offshore perimeters 

  • Guests: MFP (Ministry of Public Finance), ME (Minister of Energy), MM (Ministry of Labour), MDRAP (Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration), Competition Authority, ANRM (National Agency for Mineral Resources), National Agency  for Fiscal  Administration, MJ (Ministry of Justice), ANRE (National Energy Regulatory Authority) 

It was adopted on Plx 338/2018 Draft Law for the amendment and supplementation of the Electricity and Gas Law no. 123/2012, having a report with 85 accepted amendments. 

For Plx 341/2018 the admission report was submitted with 5 accepted amendments and the project is scheduled to be put on the Plenum’s agenda. 

Plx 110/2017 Draft law on the approval of the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 64/2016 regarding the amendment and supplementation of the Electricity and Gas Law no. 123/2012 also received a favourable report (the content of the report is not published on the site) 


All Day (Luni)


Chamber of Deputies

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