martie, 2019

12maralldaySessions of the Committees



Pl-x no. 438/2018 Draft Law for the amendment and completion of the Oil Law

  • Being debated with the reserve of receiving the report

PL-x no. 15/2018 Draft Law on the Management of Potentially Contaminated and Contaminated Sites

  • Adoption report (legislative priority)

PL-x no. 433/2018 Draft Law on the elaboration and updating of the long-term national Strategy „Romania 2040”

  • Adoption report

PL-x no. 15/2018 Draft Law approving the Government Emergency Ordinance no.86 / 2017 amending Article 8 paragraph (1) of the Law no.360 / 2013 on setting up and maintaining a minimum level of oil and petroleum products reserves

  • Adoption report

PL-x no. 14/2018 Draft Law on the rejection of the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 80/2017 amending article 8 paragraph (1) of Law no.360 / 2013 on setting up and maintaining a minimum level of oil and oil reserves

  • Adoption report

Committee for Industry and Services –  10:00

PL-x no. 506/2018 Draft Law on some measures necessary for the implementation of projects of national importance in the field of electric power

  • For Joint REPORT with the Environment Commission, Juridical Commission, Administration Commission
  • Statement of reasons

Committee on Transport and Infrastructure –  11:00

PL-x no. 93/2019 Draft Law approving Government Emergency Ordinance no.114 / 2018 regarding the introduction of measures in the field of public investments and fiscal-budgetary measures, amending and completing some normative acts and extending some deadlines

  • Invite: MFP, Environmental Fund Administration

On March 6, OUG 114 was registered with the BP Chamber of Deputies. The following were reported:

For RAPORT- Budget Commission

For APPROVAL – Economic Policy Commission, Industry Commission, Administration Commission, Labor Commission, Transport Commission (+ Education Commission, Agriculture Commission, Human Rights Commission)


All Day (Marti)


Chamber of Deputies

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