august, 2018

23augalldayStatements by Prime Minister


We are holding this Cabinet meeting in a context marked by tension and hatred in the Romanian society. Some people are trying for strictly political reasons, to fuel this spiral of conflict to divide even more the society. There are trends that this split should be an irreparable one, and the violent events on August 10 proved that. Starting with them, I have seen these days an assault against the state institutions. The first target is the Gendarmerie, but there are also other institutions as well that are targeted. I don’t want to defend or absolve anyone of guilt. But I consider that a person or an institution can be accused only based on conclusive evidence. The Government’s answer to all these trials under way in the public space must be a balanced, responsible one. Unlike the Opposition political leaders, we don’t have the right to give in and to intensify this split and division in the society.

We have the responsibility to ensure good government for the benefit of people. My appeal for all ministers and all heads of the subordinated institutions is to avoid this spiral of conflict to which those, who were not capable to win the ruling in elections and who are now trying to seize this power by undemocratic means, are trying to lure us. Our answer to all these challenges must be the concrete facts and projects for the Romanians. That is why I am glad that on today’s Cabinet meeting too, we are adopting the normative acts with positive effect on the economy, and also on people’s living standards.

With respect to budget amendment, as you know, the budget amendment is one of the most important projects of the Government, which should have been adopted on today’s Cabinet meeting. Unfortunately, the President of Romania did not have the openness or perhaps did not have the time to convene the Supreme Council for National Defence (CSAT), for the assessment and approval of the first budget amendment this year, although the draft is in public debate ever since August 6. Under these circumstances, the Government took the decision to request the President of Romania to urgently convene the Supreme Council for National Defence. As you know, we earmarked extra money for healthcare, education, local administration, for those fields with a good budget implementation, while complying with the budget deficit target of 2.97 percent of GDP.


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