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11decalldayThe law that kills gas producers on the table of deputies. Taxes are double, from the price of 90 lei / MWh, Petrom and Romgaz remain with 5 lei


The law that kills gas producers on the table of deputies. Taxes are double, from the price of 90 lei / MWh, Petrom and Romgaz remain with 5 lei

The amount of the taxes paid to the state by the gas producers will double and the sums that will remain Petrom and Romgaz will be limited to only 5% of the prices they will sell the gas if the current legislative proposal to modify the tax system for onshore gas operations will be voted by Parliament in the current form. A new increase in gas, generated by the new taxes imposed by the legislator, seems inevitable. According to the new regulations, the tax should also apply to the gas price on the spot market in Austria, not to the actual price they sell on the Romanian market Petrom and Romgaz the gases they are shipped from Romania, as it happens now. In conjunction with the other provisions, this makes the actual tax rate double from the current level, according to calculations made at our request by the Romanian Petroleum and Gas Employers Federation (FPPG).

Source: E-nergia, Economica

Shareholders of Nuclearelectrica approved the distribution of dividends of over 485 million lei at the proposal of the Ministry of Energy

The Ordinary General Meeting of the Nuclearelectrica Shareholders approved on Monday the distribution of the amount of 485.437 million lei in the form of dividends, at the request of the majority shareholder of SNN, the Ministry of Energy, informs the company in a statement issued to the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB). The dividend per share is 1.61 lei and the payment date is December 28th.

Source: Agerpres, Profit, Economica

The energy generated by small producers should be taken over from 1 January, but neither ANRE nor suppliers know how

Electricity generated from renewable sources by natural persons, the so-called prosumer, should be taken over from January 1, 2019, the bill to be compensated, but neither the National Regulatory Authority (ANRE) nor the suppliers know how to do it practically this. ANRE held a public meeting on Monday to discuss the package of regulations on the marketing of electricity produced in power plants from renewable sources with a maximum installed capacity of 27 kW belonging to prosumerators, ie producers and consumers at the same time.

Source: Agerpres, E-nergia, Economica

New energy policy for governors: No company with a profitability rate of more than 5.66%. The last example: gas producers must be content with a profit of 5 lei at a selling price of 90 lei / MWh

Energy companies can no longer have a return rate of more than 5.66%, it seems to be the new policy of the governors, whether they are politicians appointed to ANRE leadership or that they are heads of specialized committees in Parliament. The last example is that of onshore gas companies, which, if voted in favor of the amendments advanced now in Parliament, will only own 5 lei of the current price of 90 lei. A profitability ratio of 5.55%, coincidentally or not, very close to the rate of return established by the Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) for gas and energy distributors.

Source: Profit


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