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24sepalldayUpdate: Liviu Dragnea wins fight against Firea’s group: CExN gives him vote of confidence to remain chairman


Update: Liviu Dragnea wins fight against Firea’s group: CExN gives him vote of confidence to remain chairman

The chairman of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea, has received a majority vote of confidence to remain the party’s leader following Friday’s National Executive Committee (CExN).  Dragnea said that out of the 64 members entitled to vote in the committee, 56 have voted for him and 8 against him. Previously, his foe, Bucharest mayor Gabriela Firea, who had asked for his resignation in the first place, had said that there had been 39 votes for Dragnea, 10 against and one abstention.

Source: Romania Journal

Poll presented to PSD Executive Committee: Iohannis, favorite in presidential race, Dragnea – 4pc

PSD deputy chairman Adrian Ţuţuianu, one of Liviu Dragnea’s opponents within the party, presented at the Executive Committee sitting on Friday an internal opinion poll showing that the party leader has low popularity as compared to the party’s. If next Sunday were to hold presidential elections and he would run for election, Liviu Dragnea would be voted by only 4 per cent of the electorate. In the letter of PSD protest, which preceded the sitting, it was stated that the PSD has a quota of 25-30%. The poll was conducted during September 1-10.

Source: Romania Journal

Dragnea: PSD has 35pc in the polls. „There is a plan to remove the Gov’t”. “They want me behind bars”

PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea has claimed there is a plan to remove the Government and that the actions against him lately are no coincidence, but they come amid president Iohannis’ and Opposition leaders’ latest public stances.


„There has been a sort of coordination, a succession between events and actions on Friday. Iohannis came out public and said <get rid of Dragnea>. #Rezist said <get rid of Dragnea>. The entire Opposition, led by Iohannis said there are no abuses and problems here. No letter was needed to say that we endorse the lobby law which has been on the ministry’s website for two weeks. It follows Austria’s pattern,”  Dragnea told Antena 3.

Source: Romania Journal

AUDIO Wood Mackenzie: The Romanian state will lose at least $ 7.5 billion in budget revenues if Black Sea investment decisions are not favorable

The Romanian state could lose budget revenues of $ 7.5 billion if oil companies holding a license in the Black Sea would adopt a negative investment decision as a result of the parliament’s introduction of offshore surcharges, says Adam Meredith, Wood Mackenzie’s upstream expert.

Source: Profit



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