februarie, 2019

28feballdayALDE - separate lists for the European Parliament


ALDE – separate lists for the European Parliament

 Calin Popescu Tariceanu said that the ALDE will go on its own lists to the European Parliament, Norica Nicolai opening the list of Liberals and Democrats. The ALDE leader announced the first party candidates: Norica Nicolai, Daniel Barbu, Renate Weber, Ovidiu Silaghi, Varujan Vosganian, Andrei Gerea, Radu Silaghi Dumitrescu, Horia Victor Toma, Tudor Tim Ionescu.

Source: Hotnews

Romanian Government re-establishes the Chancellery of the Prime Minister

The government adopted a normative act re-establishing the Prime Minister’s Chancellery to better coordinate the activities of the Prime Minister’s working apparatus, announced Nelu Barbu, spokesman for the government.

Source: Mediafax

Conpet’s profit dropped by more than 20% in 2018, raising the minimum wage per company to offset the increase in regulated transport tariffs

Source: Profit

ANRE approved the methodology for capping the price of gas from domestic production to 68 lei per MWh

Source: Agerpres


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