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24iulalldayDimitriu (CCIB): Romanian authorities should not only focus on taxation on offshore law


Dimitriu (CCIB): Romanian authorities should not only focus on taxation on offshore law

Romanian authorities should not only focus on offshore taxation, and it would also need to correlate this aspect with the country’s energy and industrial strategy, says Bucharest Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Sorin Dimitriu. „Personally, I think that the form in which the law was adopted reflects the special attention paid to this aspect of taxation, but it would be wrong for the debate to be waged only around the way the state taxes the proceeds from exploiting these resources. The tax is one that is adequate, although probably there will be changes „, according to the comment of the president of CCIB remised on Tuesday for AGERPRES.

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Money or a real energy strategy

Offshore law must be rethought so as to be in line with developments in the world and with a future thinking about how Romania should manage its resources – the most important weapon in this globalized world.

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ANALYSIS What are the problems caused by the overcharge of the Black Sea gas? Domestic offshore production becomes uncompetitive with Russian imports

There is no neutral charging system, any form of taxation distorting competition on the market, but by far the most deforming tax is progressive overcharge. But this is a common international practice in the oil field. However, even in this distorting field of competition on the market there are smart (Norway) and greedy (Venezuela) surplus models. Unfortunately, the current government preferred to adopt the second system.

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