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26novalldayGSP, the company owned by Gabriel Comănescu, can be a great beneficiary: he signed a general contract for Midia with BSOG, nearly $ 400 million


GSP, the company owned by Gabriel Comănescu, can be a great beneficiary: he signed a general contract for Midia with BSOG, nearly $ 400 million

GSP Offshore SRL (GSP), a company controlled by the Romanian businessman Gabriel Comanescu, could be the great beneficiary of a possible final investment decision of Black Sea Oil & Gas SRL („BSOG”) regarding the operation of the Midia Perimeter . On Friday, GPS signed with BSOG and its partners Petro Ventures Resources SRL (Petro Ventures) and Gas Plus International B.V. (Gas Plus), a general contractor’s contract for all offshore and onshore works consisting of Design, Purchase, Construction, Installation and Commissioning („EPCIC”) services as well as the Drilling Drilling Contract for the Project Midia Natural Gas Development (MGD).

Source: Profit, Economica, Bursa

The gas price peaked this year on the spot market operated by RCE. Why is it expensive?

The price of natural gas on the spot exchanges operated by OPCOM and the Romanian Exchange of Mercury (RCE) reached this year’s peak, exceeding the level of 130 lei / MWh. If, on OPCOM, the gas price on the Next Day Market (PZUGN) with delivery for Tuesday was 133.6 lei / MWh, the price of the similar product traded on BRM on the Day Ahead market, with delivery on Wednesday , reached its maximum of 135.1 lei / MWh this year.

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Vienna wants the BRUA gas pipeline, which Transgaz has been working for 5 months, to reach Austria, at Baumgarten, directly from Hungary. Who depends on the final decision

There is also a chance that the BRUA gas pipeline, to which Transgaz has already started for 5 months in Romania, does not stop in Hungary, but to go to Austria at the Baumgarten hub and the Austrian side wants this said an expert of the Austrian energy regulator at an energy conference organized by Newsweek.

Source: Profit

Basescu: Cioloş has no chances in presidential elections; Iohannis will have to be supported by the opposition

PMP Senator Traian Basescu is of the opinion that Dacian Ciolos has no chance of winning next year’s presidential election and that the opposition should support President Klaus Iohannis, who has announced his intention to run for a new term. „I, for one year, speak of unity for the European Parliamentary elections, the opposition unit, and then a unit for a single candidate, which can not be Mr. Ciolos. Perhaps Mr. Iohannis will want a second term and will have to support the president in office, „Traian Basescu said at Romania TV. Asked if Dacian Ciolos has chances in the electoral race, the former head of state denied, arguing that President Iohannis may have a campaign to make him a favorite for his second term.

Source: Agerpres, Hotnews


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