iulie, 2018

18iulalldayIohannis-Dancila meeting: Gov’t says talks tackled Romania’s preparations for taking over the EU Council Presidency


„Today, July 18, Romania’s Prime Minister Viorica Dancila had a meeting with President Klaus Iohannis where aspects related to Romania’s Presidency of the EU Council, both regarding the stage of the preparations of the dossiers and topics of interest and also regarding technical, infrastructure and programme aspects. Priorities included in the agenda of the Romanian Presidency of EU Council have been reviewed and there have been discussions on the timetable of the actions that the Government considers organizing in the first part of next year,” reads the press release.

Talks have underlined Romania’s target to contribute „to promoting the common European interest, to ensuring  unity and cohesion among member states and to bring citizens closer to the EU again.” The Gov’t also informed that PM Dancila had presented the goals that Romania will assume when it holds the Presidency of the EU Council, related to several major European files.

The Government mentions nothing about the GEO on amnesty and pardon, which has been rumored to be on the Executive’ agenda.

Source: Romania Journal


Law Establishing the Sovereign Development and Investment Fund, declared unconstitutional by the CCR

CCR President Valer Dorneanu announced that the law on the establishment of FSDI was declared unconstitutional because this fund should not have been set up by a law but by a government decision.

Source: economica.net


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