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22novalldayNew gas resources discovered by OMV Petrom in Oltenia


New gas resources discovered by OMV Petrom in Oltenia

OMV Petrom has discovered new gas resources in the immediate vicinity of the existing infrastructure in Valcea County, Oltenia, the probe, drilled near the Mamu deposit, entering production at the end of October, with an initial volume of over 190,000 m3 / day (about 1,100 boe / day), according to a press release on Thursday, AGERPRES.

Source: Economica, Profit, Mediafax

Recordable electricity prices approaching 600 lei / MWh. The maximum annual precedents have been exceeded by 80 lei, and the winter is just beginning

Electricity price reached a new peak this year on the spot market, the energy traded on Wednesday with delivery on Thursday for certain hourly intervals approaching 600 lei / MWh. The average delivery price for Thursday was also a record for this year, above 80 euros / MWh, as a result of the increase in both domestic and external demand, as a result of the cold installed in the last days.

Source: Profit

Figures for budget rectification: the state benefits from the increase in gas prices. The government is relying on over 110 million lei for energy and mining

The government expects to receive more than 110 million lei from the energy and mining companies this year, representing mining taxes, exploitation of natural resources, additional revenues of gas producers caused by price liberalization and monopolies in transport and distribution of energy and gas, according to the draft of the second budget amendment of 2018. The quoted source reveals that, out of this category, most of the extra money would come from exploration, mining and mining taxes, over 60 million lei. The initial state budget law of 2018 provided revenue of only 6.37 million lei from this source.

Source: Profit

Volintiru, Romgaz: Expanding investments in renewable energy is one of Romgaz targets

Expansion of investments in renewable energy is one of Romgaz targets, Romgaz Group General Manager Adrian Constantin Volintiru recently said in Brussels at the conference „Securing the Smart Grid towards 100% renewebles „: Renewable energy – the key to the future development of the European energy sector. The CEO of the Romgaz Group said: „One of our main targets is to expand our investments in renewable energy and to optimize the creation of new cooperation opportunities in this area. Green energy orientation and the provision of an energy mix to balance the company’s portfolio of resources and investments in the petrochemical sector currently under analysis are investment options generating added value in the economy.

Source: Financialintelligence


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