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03sepalldayNew parliamentary session: lobby law, offshore law, pension law and other priorities of the PSD-ALDE Alliance


New parliamentary session: lobby law, offshore law, pension law and other priorities of the PSD-ALDE Alliance

Parliament’s new session begins on Monday, and PSD-ALDE’s priorities include the adoption of the new pension law, the amendment of the offshore law, lobbying law, the establishment of the National Interception Authority or the Romanian Agency for Strategic Investments and Exports, and the adoption after a review of the laws of justice and the amendment of the Criminal Codes, while the opposition wants the dismissal of the Dăncilă Government and the blocking of „harmful measures for Romania”, the establishment of a parliamentary inquiry commission on violence from the protest of August 10 and an investigation commission on the situation of African swine fever. It would also be in this session to enter into the parliamentary procedure the USR Initiative „Without Penalties in Public Functions”, which wants to amend the Constitution in this respect, the PMP approach to return to the election of mayors in two rounds, but two simple motions against Interior Minister Carmen Dan and Minister of Justice Tudorel Toader.

Source: Economica

Second ordinary session of Parliament starts on Monday. On the table – controversial bills, investigation committees

The second ordinary session of the Parliament begins on Monday, September 3, and will end, according to the Constitution, by the end of December. Senate Speaker, Calin Popescu Tariceanu, has convened on Monday, at 13.00h, the Senate Standing Bureau to start the constitutional procedures. At 14.00h the parliamentary groups will meet and the first plenary session is scheduled at 16.00h. The Deputies will also start procedures. Chamber of Deputies Speaker, Liviu Dragnea, has convened the second ordinary session in 2018 on September 3, at 16.00h, a release posted on the chamber’s website reads, informs. “On the same day, the Chamber of Deputies Standing Bureau will meet in order to appoint the deputy speakers, secretaries and the quaestors,” the quoted source informs.

Source: Romania Journal

Dragnea, about the Offshore Law: Tax on additional income and marketing of 50% of production in Romania – unchanged provisions

PSD President Liviu Dragnea said that the offshore law will only be amended in the sense of clarification, and important issues such as extra income tax and the obligation to sell 50% of Black Sea gas on the Romanian market will remain unchanged. Liviu Dragnea said on Saturday evening at a press conference held at Neptune that he is not going to give up and put his shoulder to the loss of Romania’s resources.

Source: Profit, Digi 24 , Economica


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