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22ianalldayPSD does not give up


PSD does not give up

PSD, through the voice of Secretary General Codrin Stefanescu, reasserts the usefulness and urgency of the measures provided by the governance program, among which he mentions the increase of pensions and salaries. In addition, it reiterates that large companies, by  the newly introduces tax regime, must comply, as all the actions undertaken are for the welfare of the Romanians.


Siegfried Mureşan: „Teodorovici’s performance in the European Parliament was very weak”PNL MEP Siegfried Mureşan says that Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici had a very poor performance in the European Parliament, missing all the chances of taking a public position in favor of Romania conerning extremely important issues such as the European Monetary Fund, the budgetary capacity of the eurozone and the European Function Stability of Investments.Source: BURSA EC Vice-President Jyrki Katainen Romanians deserve the rule of lawVice-President of the European Commission commented on Twitter, the announcement of Minister Tudorel Toader regarding the promulgation of the OUG regarding the appeal for annulment, saying it is an incredible news and that the Romanian people deserve to have the rule of law.Source: MEDIAFAX Romania imports energy from UkraineIn order to cover consumption, Romania imports large quantities of energy from Ukraine. This trend will continue in February. Certain Romanian producers say they could produce more, but the National Energy Dispatch did not require it. If import becomes one constant matter, then Romania will be captive to external suppliers and penalized with higher prices. Source: ECONOMICA Romgaz targets expansion in international markets

The Romanian gas producer together with the Azerbaijan Azeri Company SOCAR, have shown interest in a partnership in large-scale international projects for the exploration and offshore exploitation of Black Sea gas.

Source: Mediafax

Johan Meyer: Capping gas and energy prices and the new charging regime can seriously jeopardize the country’s energy independenceJohan Meyer, CEO of Franklin Templeton Investments (Bucharest Branch) believes that Romania’s economy is uncertain in the future as the unexpected fiscal changes in key sectors of the economy, adopted in December 2018, are likely to affect the country’s growth potential. The year 2019 will be marked by the slowdown in private consumption growth, moderate inflation, low unemployment, and increased pressure on interest rates. The FP Managers believes that 2019 is still an attractive year for investments despite the current volatility.

Source: FinancialIntelligence


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