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19sepalldayPSD's CExN meeting - September 21st


PSD’s CExN meeting – September 21st

The Social Democrats will meet in a meeting of the PSD National Executive Committee (CExN) on Friday, September 21, at 12.30, the party’s press office informs.

Source: Agerpres

The letter of the PSD’s contestants, signed by Firea, Ţuţuianu and Stănescu. Dragnea’s resignation is required

The PSD’s letter of litigation for a week contains 19 points, the first of which is related to the resignation of Liviu Dragnea as PSD chairman and the Chamber of Deputies. The letter is signed by three members: Gabriela Firea, Paul Stănescu and Adrian Ţuţuianu.

Source: Mediafax

Update: EC President voices concern over EU future, says investments make no sense without respect of the rule of law. The conclusions of the summit

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has hosted the third Three Seas Initiative Summit at Cotroceni Palace on Tuesday, an event attended by the EC President, Jean-Claude Juncker, nine heads of state, and by the US Energy Secretary, Rick Perry. EC President Jean-Claude Juncker has addressed the summit’s plenary session on Tuesday, stating that Europe starts being breathless for it doesn’t breathe with its two lungs anymore, the eastern and the western ones. He proposed the focus should be put on cooperation, to use a common language for East and West.

Source: Romania Journal, Energynomics

Rick Perry: Today we can send a very clear signal that the US and Europe are open to business

According to Perry, there is a huge potential among the states in the Third Energy Initiative in the field of energy, which should not be limited to oil and gas pipelines, but must also be related to nuclear energy, with plans to do so in Poland and the Czech Republic, and the use of renewable resources to diversify energy sources. „Our partnership in the energy field gives these projects greater visibility and technical support … We are ready to get involved in the business community and this leads to economic growth and prosperity in the Black Sea area,” said the US Secretary of Energy.

Source: Agerpres, Digi 24, G4Media

Klaus Iohannis talks with the US Secretary of Energy on Black Sea gas resources / And Dragnea met with Parliament Hans Klemm and Rick Perry

President Klaus Iohannis received the US Secretary of Energy Rick Perry on Tuesday, discussing the strategic partnership between Romania and the US, as well as the gas resources on the Romanian Black Sea continental shelf.

Source: Hotnews



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