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16ianalldayRomania’s priorities for EU Council Presidency


Romania’s priorities for EU Council Presidency

The Romanian Prime-Minister presented Ro top priority for the next period at Strasbourg. The main idea focused on developing a more united, cohesive Europe. „The Single Market is, of course, the Union’s greatest achievement, the core of European construction. As a result, one of the objectives of the Romanian Presidency is to advance the legislative agenda in the Internal Market field in order to define the necessary framework for its proper functioning, „said the Prime Minister of Romania, stressing the importance of the regulation of the Energy Union.


Energy prices ran up due to GEO 114

Doru Vişan, State Secretary at the Ministry of Energy, has clearly stated that lately imports are due to the fact that the price of energy is higher in Romania compared to other countries. The Government has been warned that the emergency ordinance on over-taxation applied to the business environment may cause an increasing of the electricity prices. The government did not take these warnings into account, and even on the threshold of the winter holidays the Ordinance has been passed. Now, the price of energy on the stock exchange is the largest in the region, and Romania has become a net importer of electricity, after being an exporter before. It is a totally unusual situation that we have arrived at net energy imports.Source: HOTNEWS CE Oltenia strike is over, reactions appearCristina Pruna, USR: The first victims of the Greed Ordinance are miners from the CE Oltenia.  The price paid by the CEO for pollution (CO2 certificates) is steadily rising. The 2% turnover tax and price capping represent the quietus, as the government is blocking the company’s upcoming income poorly. In this way, the CEO has all the chances of turning into a black hole like the Hunedoara Energetic Complex.



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