noiembrie, 2018

05novalldaySessions of the Committees



  • Commission for Industries and Services – 10:00 (Tuesday)

    PL-x no. 562/2018 Draft Law approving the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 80/2018 establishing the conditions for the placing on the market of petrol and diesel fuel, introducing a mechanism for monitoring and reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases and establishing the methods for calculating and reporting the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and amending and completing the Law no.220 / 2008 for establishing the system for promotion of the production of energy from renewable sources of energy

    • For COMMON REPORT with Com. environment

    Budget Committee – 10:00 (Tuesday)

    • Hearing candidates for the Financial Supervisory Authority Board

    Committee on the Environment – 10:00 (Tuesday)

    PL-x no. 565/2018 Draft Law establishing the legal, institutional and procedural framework necessary to implement Decision No 406/2009 / EC on the sharing of effort between Member States to reduce greenhouse gas emissions so as to respect the Community’s commitments by limiting the increase in emissions greenhouse gas emissions by 2020

    • For REPORT

    Commission for Public Administration – 11:00 (Tuesday)

    PL-x no. 574/2018 Draft Law on the management of potentially contaminated and contaminated sites

    • For REPORT

    The plenary agenda does not include draft laws of interest


All Day (Luni)


Chamber of Deputies

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